Our COVID-19 Response

To all our wonderful and loyal customers, 

I wanted to reach out and give you an update on Old Pueblo Vapor and our post-lockdown plans.  It has been a long 6 weeks for everyone here in Arizona under quarantine, and there is an even longer way to go from here as we all do our best to minimize the impact of Covid-19.  Old Pueblo Vapor has been incredibly lucky in this environment, as we possess the resources to continue providing services to our customers using our website, throughout this entire time.  Unlike many businesses facing the difficulties brought on by the Covid-19 outbreak, we doubled down, kept people employed with benefits and modified our business in ways to safely and conveniently continue providing access to our e-liquid. As soon as the quarantine was enacted, we migrated our entire hardware inventory online in a matter of days to ensure necessary supplies were available to as many as possible and provided free shipping to the majority of orders.  During that time, we focused on basic accessibility and a quick ramp up of the website contents, but we have much bigger plans as well!  Once the website was running well enough for what was needed, we opened curbside pickup at our Speedway location focused on providing a minimized contact, safer way for convenient same day purchases.  A week ago, we extended our curbside service hours to Marana, dedicated to keep staff present 6 days a week.  This momentum will continue in the weeks ahead.

During this time, we have been busy working behind the scenes on an improved purchasing experience for our customers online with a focus on unifying that with our storefronts.  We will have the opportunity to offer a single rewards experience across all fronts, a streamlined website experience and other features that we are excited to share as they are rolled out.  Once this overhaul is completed in the coming weeks, we will assess the state of Covid-19 in Arizona and look to best practices in choosing how we proceed.  We understand customers are waiting for in-store transactions to become available again and we assure you we are monitoring the situation tirelessly and working nonstop to make that happen safely. We feel that it is critically important to continue to protect our staff and the vulnerable family that surrounds us all, so that we may continue serving our customers safely and without incident.  

We will continue to take careful, socially responsible steps forward as the summer opens using our best judgement based on sound data provided by healthcare professionals.  We and many small, local businesses are concerned with the rapid reopen currently happening especially in light of the recent case spikes. This last week produced the highest daily death tolls and confirmed cases in Arizona.  We support TooSoonArizona.com where over 350 local businesses have spoken up asking for a more measured and cautious reopening based on science and not economic rush. As most of you know, OPV is more than just a business or paycheck for us, it is our passion, our second home, our family.

I want to personally thank each and every one of you for your patience and support during this trying time. We will come out of this stronger and more refined so that we can keep serving our amazing customers #thebestinvaping.

Be safe, be healthy,

[email protected]